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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Do we eat Iron in our Daily Basis (cereal)

In inquiry we have done experiments or myths our myth is 'is there iron in our daily basis (cereal). Here is our results for our myth. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Little Shoe Maker

This week we wrote a description about the little shoe maker.
WALT to describe.

The Little Shoe Maker

On a lonely street in France, their lies a puny building that is home to a little shoe maker. This boot shaped building is specially made for this licensed shoe maker that make magical shoes. This old-fashioned home for the shoes is hidden between two tall buildings and squeezed together like a large sandwich. When time past the little shoe maker waved at people that stroll by but people don’t bother to look since it's so so old.

Reflection: more descriptive sentences.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Matariki should be a Public Holiday

This week was the start of Matariki. Matariki is a Maori new year celebration that happens when the stars of Matariki (Seven Sisters) appear in the sky. After a discussion we have decided that Matariki should be a public holiday. Here is my persuasive piece of writing.
Reflection:more persuasive language.

106 Rod road
Lynfield 1042
Tāmaki Makaurau

Rāapa Tekāu ma toru Pipiri

Dear Mr Goff ,

My name is Kyle Smith and I am a year 5 student at Halsey Drive School. This week  we have been learning the important things of the Maori culture and Matariki. I wrote this letter to tell you my claim that Matariki should be a national holiday. It lets us learn some Maori traditions and culture. Meaning the Maori culture will spread around the nation. The significance and importance of Matariki should be a public holiday.

Matariki is a celebration of the new year signalled by the arrival of the seven stars in the sky. It is vital that we acknowledge New Zealand’s bi cultural history. The Maori culture is very unique and special the Maori people. Therefore it is our responsibility to teach and tell people languages,legends and the meaning of Matariki. I believe that in the future we should keep on making the Maori culture active because if the culture passes out , than our Maori history would be lost which is bad.

Without doubt I have to say that Families are busy and should spend more time together. It is a opportunity to bring communities together strengthen relationship and culture understanding. In 2017 the government surveyed 1000 New Zealanders and asked if they know what Matariki is. Surprisingly only 69% know what Matariki is (Maori New Year). When the New Zealand’s government surveyed another 1000 New Zealanders to see if they know what Chinese New Year is and shockingly a tremendous amount of people know what Chinese New Year. Surely we should attract tourist with large scale events.

I'm absolutely certain that Matariki should be a national public holiday. One of my main reasons why Matariki should  be a public holiday is that it is important to acknowledge New Zealand's bi cultural history. It is our job to teach people about Matariki because if we don’t than our time line would be lost and can’t recover. Therefore no one will remember the famous people who saved and discovered New Zealand forever. Another reason for the claim is that families should spend more time together because it is a opportunity for communities to spend time together. I know you are a very busy man, but if you can please reply back or do a referendum to the public, may you please do one.

Yours sincerely,

Kyle Smith
What did I do/Learn?
WALT-use persuasive language
For example:emotive language, facts and statistics, opinion or quotes, counter arguments.

What did I like?
I like the way we used a planning template and being given editing time

What would I do differently next time?
I should use more interesting vocabulary and use more emotive language in my writing

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Compare and Contrast Map - Zoos

This week we read a book about past zoos and today zoos. Here is a compare and contrast map about zoos.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Invitation from the Queen

WALT use appropriate visual language features
This week it was the Queen's birthday and this is a invitation to invite you to the Queen.
This week it was the Queen's birthday and we created a invitation to invite people to the party.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Mysterious Shadow Murderer

The Mysterious Shadow Murderer

Once upon a time there was a shadow but not any kind of shadow, it was my shadow that had its own brain! I named him Jeff. Every time I go somewhere I see a mysterious person wearing a pitch black cloak, that was the thing that was bothering me a lot. The next day I went shopping and I saw the secretive person again. How strange? As I was dawdling home I heard something and when I looked back I saw nothing. I tried to walk backwards so I can see what on earth was going on. Was someone spying on me?

On the most sunniest day me and my marvellous shadow dawdled of to the most magnificent place, the carnival. But just then I saw the mystical person again.“Where shall we go first?” Said Jeff in sign language. I wanted to go on the roller coaster but I didn’t know what it was in sign language so I just pointed at it. There was a long cue of tedious people waiting in line. We waited and waited, it felt like hours,day,months or even years until finally we were first in line. Then the most terrible thing happened. The cloud had completely blocked the sun rays from reaching me which is horrible.

For a second the scorching sun came back and my shadow was GONE! Just when the sun came back I felt very suspicious about the person wearing the pitch black cloak. I looked everywhere for my perfect shadow. There was something in the mysterious person’s hand, I looked closely and I couldn’t believe my eyes it was my shadow!!! Secretively, I tried to chase him but he was way faster than me. Now I was to late cause he was now in his car. The car was his own Lincoln limousine! The limousine is as long as a skyscraper. I’ve gotta find a way to get my sympathetic shadow back.

There is some good news and some bad news, the good news is that the lengthy limborsine is going slowly. The bad news that my shadow is stolen by the horrible person that keeps on spying on me. As I was following him on my bike I thought about where he was going. For a instant I was heading right towards ‘ The Bad Guys Club‘. It is a castle When I saw the sign it remind me of the limousine, it was stolen by the Bad Guys!!! When they parked the car or should I say crashed the car I rapidly hid under the car and listened to what they were talking about. I couldn’t understand because they even have their own language! As I went in I saw the Bad Guys shoving my shadow into a dark room and locked it. After dinner i went back to the scary place and opened the door creak!!! As the door opened I slowly went in I saw my shadow right at the corner wailing “It okay I’m here to rescue you.” I whispered in a high voice. When I shone my torch at the ground something was sparkling. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was the keys to the door! I immediately picked it up and opened the rusty door. We were free! But where are the Bad Guys.

As I biked me and my shadow home I asked the question again where are the Bad Guys. He explained it in sign language so that means I couldn’t understand really well but all I know was the police came and arrested all of the Bad Guys. When we arrived at home my shadow finally learnt his lesson to never run away from their owners OR ELSE!!!

WALT: Write a narrative

I will need to include...
  • An interesting title
  • A hook sentence which captures the audience
  • An opening paragraph to introduce characters and story setting
  • Organise the story into paragraphs - Build up, problem, solution, ending
  • Language features
   * Verbs and adverbs
   * Descriptive language - Adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification
   * Time connectives - eventually, finally, after that, suddenly, meanwhile, then,