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Thursday, March 16, 2017

taonga comparition

We are comparing Aekkem’s and Kyle’s taonga. Aekkem’s is a day care book. Kyle’s taonga is a portfolio of when I was a baby. Taonga is the maori word for treasure. We hope you enjoy looking at our comparison.

These are some of our similarities. They are  old because they’re both when we were cute babies. They're both portfolios of when we were babies because their 8 years old.

Here are some of our differences. Aekkam’s portfolios from the kindergarten because Aekkam needed to learn ABC and play cool games. Kyle’s taonga is from the hospital because Kyle was born in the starship hospital.  Aekkem has a teacher called Sofia because  Aekkem needed to learn from Sofia. Kyle has a nurse because Kyle needed a nurse in the hospital. Aekkam’s taonga is not rare because lots of people get it in kindergarten. Kyle’s is rare not much people get it when they are born.

Kyle and Aekkem all feel proud of our Taonga’s. We think our taonga are special because when we look at them we feel grateful.  Overall we think that our taonga are special to as and our family.

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  1. Aekkam you and Kyle have made a great effort with your comparison. Be careful when you copy and paste that you get all the text. I like how you are trying to explain your differences and comparisons. - Mrs Taege