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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Describing our Arcade

Our arcade game is called the Magnificent Fishing Well.

You need to hook points to win. When you are done hooking you add up your points.

My arcade game has a pulley so you can hook it up. Its function is to hook the points up. The roofs function is to not let anyone look inside.

My arcade game needs pulling so you can pull up the points.

It also needs magnetism to grab the points up.

I need to improve it so it looks more eye catching.
How to Play the Magnificent Fishing Well
You will need:
Fishing rod
Magnificent fishing well

  1. Take the stick and lower it into the Magnificent Fishing Well.
  2. Pull up your points with a magnet when you feel some pretend fish.
  3. Count all your points and if you have more than 250 points you get extra 2 turns.
  4. Play your 2 extra turns.
  5. Come and get your prize that you deserve which  depends on your points.


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