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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach Description

The pitch black hollow cove is sitting peacefully under the shade all day long. Green trees from smallest to largest are towering over the blazing,smooth sand. There are hungry seagulls that are looking carefully for some delicious food. There are little islands on the horizon. Angry waves are working all day long by crashing on the end of their track.

Fishy aromas of the shallow ocean is drifting off over the sea. The scent of stinky sunscreen takes away the luscious smell of fish and chips. Fresh air is flowing up my nose when I'm inhaling.

A strong,cold breeze blows against my face. While the abrasive sand blows up like a tornado. Persistent monster waves fights the sand and retreats when the other load of monster waves come. Warmth from the sun radiates off the monstrous rocks.

The beach is the best road trip ever! As soon as I arrive I am busting to play in the waves. Would you like to go to the beach?

This week we wrote a descriptive writing about the beach. I am proud of my descriptive words. Hope you go to the beach and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Kyle, you are beginning to use some interesting vocab like inhaling, abrasive and persistent. Keep trying to use new words. - Mrs T