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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wild Self


Bison horns - Your bison horns, unlike deer and elk antlers, are made of a substance similar to hair. They are also slow-growing and permanent. They grow in yearly "rings" which indicate age.

Spear-nosed bat ears - Hungry for a late-night snack? With spear-nosed bat ears, you can find food—even in the dark. Just listen for echos—they can lead you to a delicious insect.

Sand tiger shark teeth - Your smile is deadly. Your spiky sand tiger shark teeth are perfect for gripping fish and other slippery prey.

Nurse shark fins - You can use your nurse shark fins to rest in the shallow water during the day, so you're ready to hunt the sea floor at night. That means you're a nocturnal hunter.

Indian ornamental tarantula legs - Danger! Danger! The bright yellow markings on your Indian ornamental tarantula legs are a warning. They're meant to tell attackers to stay away. You're venomous!

Rodrigues bat wings - Your Rodrigues bat wings are very different from bird wings. Bird wings are made like human arm bones. But your bat wings are more like really long fingers. Creepy long fingers!

This week we have been learning adaptations. We make our wild self.


  1. WOW!!! I think your wild self looks crazy!!!!

  2. A really WILD wild self KYLE.

  3. Hey Kyle your sunglasses make your wild self cool but the razor sharp teeth make it scary

  4. Wow, look at your wild self with the shark teeth looks soooooo cool on you.