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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Zoo trip description

The Australia’s part of the zoo has enough rain water to make the pure grass green. Wrinkled turtles are grazing on dry, muddy grass dawdling across the dehydrated path. Pathways are full of dry mud with a revolting mud pool in sight. The lethargic turtles recline in the filthy puddle. There are small lovebirds soaring around their enclosure while they are chasing each other. Miniature Lovebirds are standing on a tree like a bird expecting someone to come.

Cheeky monkeys are swinging on a thick rope like they are on a mission to somewhere. They climb to the top of the tree to spy on cheeky monkeys.They climb up so fast so they can memorise the whole area. Monkeys are so cheeky that they could even sneak up on them without making a single sound.

As we were analyzing the magnificent zoo I asked Mrs Taege “Where is the kiwi’s hut?” Mrs Taege replied “We might go to that now before we go back to have our lunch.”
“All that walking made me exhausted.” I said
“Me too” said our group. We walked up hills and we walk down hills, after a while we started to dawdle up hills.

Last Friday we went to the zoo and we saw lots of animals.We used DAD to write a descriptive writing.I hope you enjoy it.

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