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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mouse Descriptions

This week in room 4 we have been looking at character descriptions. We decided to write a description of the mouse from the story of the gruffalo. I hope you enjoy our description.

Reflection: more descriptive language
Mouse Description
If you took a stroll into the deep,dark woods you will see what appears to be a teeny, tiny mouse. He has pink round ears like dinner plates stuck to the side of the head. Covered in soft brown fur, he has a long skinny pink tail that looks like a snake slithering along the dirt behind him. While animals might think he is just an ordinary mouse, he is in fact an ingenious mastermind. He uses his large dominant brain to outsmart and trick the larger animals in the woods so he doesn’t get munched up.  Any animals who think he is a easy meal will quickly learn that they are no match for this mischievously cunning mouse.  Using his imagination, the sly little mouse plots and plans his tricks for the other animals. His quick thinking mind allows him to outmaneuver his often hungry prey without earning a scratch.Even though he is the smallest creature in the deep,dark woods he is actually the most competitive mouse in the deep,dark woods.

By Thevin and Kyle

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WALT use language appropriate to the purpose and audience
WALT use a range of interesting sentence starters
reflection: to use more interesting sentences.

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