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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics
      Bonk! Soohorang fell out of the cosy top bunk bed and landed head first on the icy hard floor. Soohorang had a look at his noisy alarm. It was 7:30 and the amazing race started at 8:00. He was still quite sleepy so he dawdled to his bathroom to brush his razor,sharp teeth. With a small comb he carefully brushed his soft creamy white fur, gelling and slicking his black stripes to look more dramatic. Soohorang could feel the adrenaline pumping in his veins. It made him feel excited. He was certainly prepared for the Winter Olympics. He grabbed his ski set and his helmet. He quickly darted towards the prodigious white mountain before the storm comes.
      “All contestants please come to the starting line”  instructed the starter in a positive way. He heard the loud crowd cheering for him. Quickly,he put on his tight gear and rushed off to the terrifyingly menacing mountain. Soohorang was out of energy so he sauntered to the top All of the competitors were concentrated and focused on the track. He was exhilarating like he was about explode like a bomb.
     Just when the starter was about to shoot the hand gun there was a rumbling sound. Rumble rumble rumble!. We all look behind. The contestants lost their concentration so they also looked back. It ….it   … was an avalanche!!!. Without waiting for the starter to say go we all instantly raced to the end. Unimaginably the others were starting to slow down then there was a gigantic hill. The hill was for flip,tricks and 360 spins , but instead the other competitors were worried about the the avalanche.
 Soohorang wasn’t scared he was speeding across the tracks like a car out of control. All the racers were staring at the avalanche and not looking where they were going. Suddenly Soohorang heard a bash and a crash! He knew what it was. He giggled. He started to slow down but the others managed to get back up.  Soohorang saw that coming and he raced and rattled the ground. He saw the finish line. He heard cheering  and shouting .He felt really delighted.
    As soon as he started to take of his super tight gear the new reporter came “How did you feel after the race?” said the new reporter in a surprised way.
“I feel very very proud” said Soohorang. The 360 sound from the crowd was incredible. Just a moment later the speaker came on
“Soohorang you just won a golden trophy worth 1,000,000,000” shouted the starter.
After the exhausting day he slept 14 hours a day.

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