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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The treaty of Waitangi

This story is about the history of the treaty of Waitangi. The purpose was to entertain and inform people. 
I took a deep breath and marched sensibly on the lawn a moment later I hesitated. My heartbeat was wild. I stared at the extraordinary view. The tent was right in front of me. I heard the maori chiefs discussing , it can be about anything I thought. I confidently opened the tent , I froze and I was really jittery. Two hundred chiefs were all gawking at me. I took a deep breath and took my place
As I got my place Hone Heke approached the table and faced towards me. He bowed. Hone Heke lifted up the feather and left his signature on the treaty. We waited for him , He gave his other chiefs a little speech telling them why to sign the treaty of Waitangi. Hone Heke gave William Hobson some respect so Hone Heke shaked hands with him. At the end of the treaty signing day I felt exhausted. I was very sleepy. We all had a headache , my back ached.
Overall the day when the treaty was signed it was a achievement. After this day it would travel around NZ to meet with other tribes. It was now a day for me to soften.

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