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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Why do Chameleons change colour?

Why do Chameleons change colour?

Have you ever wished you can beat the world record in running or perhaps you even forgot to do the easiest homework ever, and today you have the worst teacher ever that growls at you a lot?  If that is you then you are very naughty, but don’t you worry i have a solution. You should have been born as a lizard however this type of lizards very special, a chameleon. It can be found in places in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa but don’t go catching them because they are endangered. Before Scientist have done many research on chameleons they thought that chameleons change their colour to camouflage but now they finally know why chameleons change colour?

 One of the main reasons are chameleons change their colour if they are hot or cold. As you see, dark colours such as black attract more heat than light colours. If chameleons are hot they will adjust their colour to dark colours and if they are cold then chameleons will change their colour lighter colours. Also lizard are very fast they can reach up 33 km/h [21 miles/h]. That is one speedy lizard! Chameleons don’t change colour once a week, they change their colour on a daily basis.

Chameleons have several different colours they can change like green, turquoise, blue, yellow, pink, orange and red. If a chameleons is angry it will change their colours to a darker one to indicate off other animals. Now the chameleons is very lonely, what does it do? It will adjust its colour to lighter ones such as blue, pink, yellow,  turquoise, orange and green and to attract a matching mate.

Want to meet them? Book a ticket to North America to see the the colour changing lizard. I will give you 20% off which equals exactly $94,548 NZ dollars per person in economy class. Book right now!!!! Your mum and dad has been fooling you in on why do chameleons change colour. disappear into mid-air. Don’t forget, chameleons are extraordinary animals. They have a special family name called Chamaeleonidae. For the last time chameleons don’t change colour to camouflage So after all that information do you still want to disappear into mid-air?

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